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Re: WWYD? How to spend gift card?

Totally. Spend it on Amazon!

You can get prefolds, organic toys, organic clothing, swaddlebees, happy heiny, snappis, they have loads of books on sewing, tyedying, parenting, family planning... You can even use it towards something and pay the difference.

I'm was in the same boat (but cashed in some points for a gift card, instead of getting it as a gift) and didn't know what to get... took me two weeks to realize I could get text books for school for DH

Knowing that you can buy it somewhere else makes it harder, BUT you have to remember it's not "your money" it was given to you... kwim? They gave it to you for YOU to just purchase something without worrying about finding it cheaper somewhere else.

just my

btw, if you find something awesome, do let us know what it is
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