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Re: Grocery shopping tonight...heres what I got & total

I hear ya mama on the pregnancy chocolate cravings!!! DH came with me grocery shopping last Sunday and we had $50 to spend for the week.

Well, with DH there, it's more like $40 for actual food that I planned on getting...

Anyway, we are about to check out and DH looks at me as I am staring at the bags of chocolate sitting next to checkout (rolos, crunch bars, hersheys, mmm) and he says "you know you'll eat the bag at once if you get any, right?" I was surprised... "Oh! I am not buying it. I'm eating it with my mind..." He looked at me like I was crazy (maybe I am). But adding $2 bags of candy to the cart kills the budget quick!

As I was paying he grabbed a bag of M&Ms (chocolate kind, woo) and tossed them in the cart. Yeah... I ate a bunch when we got home

HOWEVER the moral is 1) I resisted the candy at the store! and 2) We only spent $49.05
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