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Re: Grocery shopping tonight...heres what I got & total

Originally Posted by jrk View Post
I can do that too, as long as my kids aren't with me. When they're with me, I don't get 1/2 the things on my list (which then requires another 1/2 hour drive to the store) and they get a bunch of junk we don't need.

I told dh from now on, the kids will NOT come with me to get groceries and I'll be doing 90% of my shopping at Aldi's (cheap store) like I used to.

It's just getting rediculous what we're spending on food and extras. Dh agrees.
thats what i tell my dh! IF i take all 3 kids with me we end up with boxes of poptarts, sweet sugar cereal, chips, boxes of juicies, several bags of chips, waffles shaped like Spongebob...etc LOL! And i end up forgetting stuff i actually wanted to get! Not to mention my kids are positively terrible in the store! Its like they save up all their bad ideas and try them out in the store!
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