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Re: Grocery shopping tonight...heres what I got & total

heres some ideas for next time::::::

Originally Posted by earth_mama06 View Post
Spent $143 this time (was $150 last time, so we've gotten better!) DH insisted on going to walmart so heres what we got: (I'd forgotten to add a few things on my list)

RED=name brand

-1 bag store brand egg noodles-$1
-1 big box store brand cornflakes-$1.33
-1 box kellogs cereal b/c the kind dh likes isn't made in generic-$2.63
-1 bag frozen biscuits-$3.42
-1 bag frozen veggies-$1.72
-2 bags frozen broccoli-.84
-1 thing of fresh romaine lettuce-$1.48
-2 cucumbers-.64 a peice
-1 bag california veggies (frozen)-$1.26
-2 boxes store brand dry rotini pasta-.68 a box
-1 magazine on sale for $1.99 b/c its been so long since ive bought oneWomans Day-lotsa tips!
-1 ranch dressing (dh had to have name brand)-$3.18!
-1 store brand italian dressing-$1.28
-1 giant container generic ketchup-$1.98
-1 bag oranges-$4.87
-2 bags bacon bits (couldnt find generic, sigh)-$2.74
-2 frozen grape juices-$1.46
-1 head iceburg lettuce-$1.28
-canned yams (2)-.86 a can
-store brand canned peaches (2)-.88 a can
-2 cans store brand pineapple-.93 a can
-2 cans generic green beans-.46 a can
-3 fresh tomatoes-$1.73 a lb
-1 can cream of celery-generic-.68 a can
-2 cans cream of chicken-generic-.68 a can
-canned kidney beans (2 )-.50 a can
-5lb bag russet potatoes-$2.68
-2 loaves generic white bread-$1.07 a loaf
-french bread (2 loafs in 1 bag)-$2.73?
-2 bags bake n brown rolls (generic)-$1.14 a bag
-1/2pint choc milk for dd-.51
-1 box generic pancake mix-$1.33
-2 generic baking sodas-.28 a box
-jiffy brand pizza crust mix (2)-.38 a box
-various boxed puddings (2 van, 2 choc)-.50 a box
-2 jiffy brand muffin mix-.48 a box
-1 bag diced walnuts-$2.98!
-1 generic bag brown sugar-$1.22
-2 fruit gushers boxes (dh got these)-$1.98 a box
-1 gallon milk-$3.69 generic brand too!
-1 bottle terriaki sauce-$1.92
-1 generic huge box oatmeal-$1.98
-canned corn (2)-.42 a can
-2 cans tomato paste-.35 a can
-canned mandrin oranges for dh (not sure how many)-.50 a can
-1 generic container half and half-$1.08
-1 generic sour cream-$1.84
-1 generic cottage cheese-$3.26 and thats generic
-6 yoplait yogurts-.54 a peice
-1 store brand cesar salad dressing-$1.28
-1 big bottle spaghetti sauce (dh wont eat the canned kind, sigh)-$2.56
-1 can gatorade powdered drink mix-$8.38! <--stick to kool-aid or another powder drink
-1 store brand pack of boxed raisins for dd-$1.22
-3 generic cream cheese boxes-$1.32
-1 generic block cheddar cheese-$3.67
-2 cans frozen apple juice-.98 a can
-3 small bags chips for dh's lunch (.30 each?) <- buy 1 big bag and then you wont to keep buying little bags
-2 bags frozen ravioli-$1.98
-1 big container cranberry apple juice-$3.88
-1 bag frozen peas-$1.72?
-2 cans generic diced tomatoes-$1.73?
-1 pack ballpark weiners-$1.98
-1 bag apples-$3.32
-2 packs jello w/fruit in it-$1.92 <--make your own jello and put fruit in
-packs koolaid (about 4)-.18each <--cheap, but maybe try the frozen juices
-1 pack generic sliced cheese (was only .94!)
1 generic tub butter-.66
-1 generic box stick margerine-.68
-1 container black pepper b/c we were out-$1.98
-1 dozen med sized eggs-$1.32

***PG woman w/a killer craving for choc avoiding the halloween candy aisle-PRICELESS!**** <-- aint that the truth, LOL

I told dh next time I'm going grocery shopping by myself, at SAVEALOT! But we still got alot for how much we spent.
but you did really good and yeah next time id leave DH in the car--
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