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Re: Grocery shopping tonight...heres what I got & total

oooh good tips, thanks ladies! dh is addicted to his gatorade lol~otherwise we've been drinking juice and koolaid lately. it should last awhile (i hope lol)

as for breads-im def going to try and make my own soon bc we run out of bread sooooo fast, its crazy!

Ashley- i like the m&m's peanut kind so addicting but if i were to buy any, id have to wait all day until dd went to sleep so i could enjoy it

that pasta bake idea sounds really yummy and that way, my cottage chs won't go bad! i used to eat it plain as did dd but since i got pg, it doesnt agree.

i was a bit shocked that the name-brand koolaid was .18 as compared to the .10 generic and was shocked that the only flavors available in generic were cherry and lemonade. -sigh-

dd decided to be fussy while we were shopping too bc she hadn't got to nap~ugh.

On the menu-
cinn toast
normal toast and eggs
plain muffins
cold cereal

turkey sandwiches w/apples on side and pb to dip them in
frozen raviolis (i'm gonna cook them lol)
pb sandwiches
homemade mac n chs
hot dogs
cesar pasta salad

baked spaghetti w/green beans on side and rolls
burgers and tater wedges (i have meat here already)
pinto beans w/cornbread and fried potatoes
terriaki chicken w/pineapples (yum!)
stuffed pasta dish w/garlic toast
chef salad one night
french bread pizza?
baked potato soup
(leftover night hehe)
chicken tortilla soup
Chicken with Pineapple and Orange (slow cooker recipe)
something using the italian dressing i bought (ideas?)

DH's lunches:
roast beef sandwiches (i already have that here) w/a baggie of chips
baked potato-loaded w/jello-fruit thingy on side
whatever else i can toss together, lol
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