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Re: Problems with Links in Siggys

This is the thread in diaper chatter Lee responded to:

It's titled "All together diaper coop"

Um, why/how does the admin have the time too respond to THAT thread, with a seemingly innocuous title, with a response on all this, but can't fix soft-core **** ads over the course of a month or so?

Really, I haven't seen much at all in the way of DT spam here. I have, however, seen plenty of people complaining about viruses from DS and inappropriate ads.

I'll ask what I did in the above linked thread:

Are our pm's being edited?

Are our siggy's being edited?

Are our user profiles being edited?

If so, for any of those, what all is being edited? What are the parameters of the filter? Curse words, DT, and what else?
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