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Re: How long can I solely BF?

my son was literally reaching for my food and getting it pretty dang close to indide his mouth at about 2 weeks (yes i mean that for sure) and i kept taking it from him. i did let him have a piece or 2 of bananna and watermelon last aug-sept at about 6 months but nothing more, then about 9 monmths i started letting him have a little more fruit, etc if he got a hold of it, and now at 16 months, he eats almost everything i do though i wont let him have milk at all, oranic or not (though he does sneak it sometimes ) and strawberries i try to only let him get a hold of if their organic, as well as most other fruits, etc, and i dont let himh ave pork (because i dont eat it) and yogurt, etc, anything else dairy he cant have as well as soy (not you know stuff like tortilla chips fried in it, etc but i only let him have a little bit, and nothing that actually is soy, like tofu, soy milk, etc) and i think i got it down LOL. oh but hes a little candy feind, especially chocolate, he grtabs it and runs and tries to hide from me so i dont really normally LET him have candy but he does get some, as well as sometimes cheese or a little of other things.

anyway what im saying id you can exclusively bf for longer, unless shes super interested and trying to jam everything in her mouth she can see (which still didnt matter to me, imo his internal stuff still wasnt really ready for it then) then shell be okay for a while with just breastmilk, i was hoping to make it to one without him really eating solids, but i did make it to 9 months and am very glad for that as the risk of allergies as well as a lot of other things goes down the longer you hold them off from eating other things- i dnt mean wait until shes three or something but you know what i mean, not jamming 4 month olds full of food, and 2 day olds with cereal "so theyll sleep" and stuff!!
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