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Re: Spinoff when do your dc or dc's wake in the morning.

Originally Posted by Cottonspuds Boutique
We all go to bed pretty late in the summer 11-2am were up between 8am-11am.

School yr were in bed between 8-10 (me 12am) and were up at 6:30.

I am NOT a Morning Person!
Same here!! But my DD starts kindergarten in two weeks so i'm hoping all that will change!! I'm rarely in bed before midnight and dd's go to bed about 10, but we will have to change their bedtime when school starts or sooner. And then we hardly ever get out of bed before 9 or 10, the baby wakes up about 6-7 to nurse then goes back to sleep until almost 10 usually and when the older two girls wake up (about 9-10) they just come into my room and lay with me, sometimes they go back to sleep sometimes they just lay there. I hate it though! My days don't really begin until noon and i think that's horrible! I see all these other moms that gets so much done before noon while we are just getting started at noon! I'm hoping we can change all that and i don't mold my kids into being such lazy morning kids (if i haven't already)!!
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