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pain free labour?

lol I've never experienced this but have had people say that its possible! (meaning they don't take any drugs either, or epidural etc.) I'm a Christian and have heard people say they just pray the entire time and it doesn't hurt (ok well I've heard that from two people lol, the rest of us still have pain during childbirth). I'm trying my hardest this time to do it natural. Well as natural as I can be lol, my OB is still inducing me at least a few days early. But I'd really like to do it with out the epi, etc... (I usually say no to demerol as whats the point lol, it really never did anything my first pregnancy to take away pain) But my fear is that with being induced I always go strait into the really painful contractions with no building up to them, so I'm just worried I'll give in and take the epidural. Anyone have any secrets to doing it natural outside of the breathing and music, they didn't work for me lol. Thanks!
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