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Re: Spinoff when do your dc or dc's wake in the morning.

During the summer we go to bed later, sometimes we don't even eat dinner till almost 9pm. Dh has to work 5-6d/wk and is up at 6am. Jacob (8mos) or Joey (2.5yrs) usually wakes up around that time as well but Jacob actually falls back asleep! Joey will play quietly sometimes. Othertimes he forces me to get up! Nathen is up around 8am and would probably sleep later if he didn't have 2 little brothers. LOL And the twins aren't up sometimes until 9ish. I woke them up this morning at 9:15am and only b/c we had church at 10am. I'm ok with 6ish since I usually go to bed around 11ish, sometimes midnight but rarely later. I can't deal with the 1-3am stuff... UGH! That wipes me out for the rest of the morning. I drink a couple cups of coffee in the AM anyway and occasionally a Starbucks Frappaccino in the PM if we're out shopping so I stay pretty energized most of the time!
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