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Wink Re: pain free labour?

Well I kinda don't beleive in the painless labor.. I mean how can that NOT hurt?

I have had 3 kids, all overdue and had to be induced and I managed not to get an epidural with any of them. My first birth was the worst, I had actually signed the epidural form but thankfully my labor sped up and I was fully dialated before I had the chance to get the epidural.. I never asked for one with my other 2 births.. For me it was alot of relaxation before birth, I read tons of books while I was pregnant and "natural childbirth the bradley way" helped a bunch! I had dh to remind me to relax my face, leg, etc when I would become tense and that helped alot.. Also With #2 and #3 I was able to move around once I got the internal monitor.. I didnt really want one cause its an intervention but I rather have it so I could MOVE! With #3 I did most all my laboring on the birthing ball.. It was awesome since back labor sucks, its great to move around and change positions! When I was being induced I believe mine did kinda gradually build up, they didnt start off like OMG WOW I cant do this? Maybe talk to the one thats doing the induction and ask to start slow then work up to the full contractions.. I had a midwife with all 3 of mine so maybe thats how I got so lucky.. But honestly relaxing, changing positions and slow deep breathing is the key (I believe) to a natural (pain med free) birth..

ETA: Do alot of reading too, I know alot of times its fear that makes the pain more intense too.. The not knowing what to expect kinda thing.. So learn all you can and maybe that could help you too!

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