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Re: pain free labour?

i have heard that claim esp. related to things like hypnobirthing, etc. i personally think a lot of it has to do with what you define as "pain". for instance - i would not claim that i had a pain-free labor, but 95% of it was extremely manageable to me. and i don't remember pushing being "painful" per se - just hard work. kwim. i think being relaxed helped me a lot - i wasn't making the physical sensations of labor worse by fighting them, ya' know.

but i think child birth is such a personal experience and everyone's body & mind react to it differently. i found that i really turned inward a lot during labor and it was a very quiet/internally focused time for me. dh & i didn't talk a whole lot, etc. i did make more noise during transition but felt like a lot of it was really in my head.

i don't have too many concrete suggestions since breathing really helped me - but my labor was also pretty slow and i think that helped me handle it too - it didn't get out of control feeling/overwhelming really because it was so gradual.
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