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Re: Please pray/ think of us, Miss Coglette isn't well

WOW!! This is the EXACT same thing that happened with our second dd.

She was born with Torticolis but we didn't know she had it until around 2-3 months old. I noticed she only wanted to turn her head one way and she would cry if you tried to turn it the other way. I also begin to notice a flattening on one side and a bulging on the other. We went into the doc and he told us we needed to do daily therapy to help the Tort because we lived way far from a PHY. Therapist but also told us we needed go 4 hours away for a better look at dd's head. He thought she might have Craniosynostosis (the premature fusing of the skull)
Of course we were crying and freaking out.

We headed to the doc and they said we needed to go to Dornbeckers (A leading hospital in Childrens Medicine) and have a Cat-Scan done. So we drove another 4 hours for that and it was horrible waiting to find out what was wrong with our baby girl and having her put under for the Cat.

They took the Cat-Scan and they thought she didn't have that very rare condition and we talked about the helmet thing but the doc wasn't a big fan of those. His daughter also had the exact same thing ours did and his daughters rounded out nicely. He thought our dd's head would shape out at least 50% better without a helmet so we left it at that.

Now with her hair long you can't tell its kinda mishapen but if you give her a bath you can tell it goes out more on one side.

Sorry for the long post but I just wanted to let you know you're not alone.

I'll be saying a prayer for you.

I do know Craniosynostosis is rare and I remember scouring the web for info and coming across all those horrible pics. Not really the best thing to do, just made me worry more.

I''ll be praying.

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