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Re: Lack of Excitement?

Not me!! I am like an estatic freak or something. I talk to this baby far more than the others (dh is constantly rolling his eyes). Maybe because I am home, with ds I was in school and with dd I worked full time. Or maybe it's because with the others I was scared to death (teenager with ds and I was told dd wouldn't survive). No idea why but I am just simply on cloud nine. Last pregnancy I was very disconnected and felt very guilty about it. In the end though I cried just the same to see my little girl born. I know life is busy so don't feel bad about not constantly thinking about the baby, you will get excited and you will have the same love and feelings for #3 as you did with #1.

As for the keeping up thing ~ I totally agree. Ds has foot print cards and with dd we asked then forgot to remind them (apparently they don't do this anymore unless asked). Both of the kids have a bunch of pics from NB - 1 or so, after that we slack a bit but I still aim for 2-3 times a year. Ds has a baby book that goes from birth - like 3 years old, dd's is the first year (I figured I could handle that). Life makes you busy, that you can't really change. So long as you love them equally that is all that matters.
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