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why do you insist on grating my kids already do that
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Re: So how do I covince him?

what's funny is that was one of my excuses to not cd with my first ds...i figured with the cost of going to the laundromat (using the apartment wash/dryers) and detergent that it wouldn't be worth it. silly old me!!! although it may have been quite comparable considering i believe it cost us about $4 a load x 15 loads a month (if i would've washed every other day) that's $60 alone....i don't know what you're laundromat costs though. but if you'll be getting your own w/d soon you won't need to worry about that. and if it's as much as mine was you're still breaking even and it's better on baby's bum!!! plus you can use SUN detergent and that's under $2 for a 40 load bottle of 2x concentrate now! so at worst it'll cost you the same as disposable until you get your own w/d...big whoop! and more than likely you won't need rash cream!

granitesmith on ebay is a good place to get started on the cheap (besides FSOT lol).
for 2 dozen pf's (premium size, infant size would be about $4 cheaper i think), 1 dozen preemie pf's (for doublers on the cheap!), 5 proraps, and 7 or 10 snappi's (old or new style) it would be $92

or you could use the dappi pull on diaper pants instead of proraps and get 8 of those (instead of only 5 proraps) and pay only $80!!!

that's equivalent to a couple months of disposable diapering...what's to complain about? lol!
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