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Prefolds at night?

I posted this on The Pin, but thought I'd ask here too.

So if I want to trifold a prefold in a cover, and my daughter is about 11-12 pounds and two months old, I should get a small cover (I'm looking at BSWW) and infant prefolds? Could this possibly take us through the night or should I look at getting a snappi and snappi-ing it for night time? Would an infant prefold still work for that? I'm asking because while I'm sure it's normal for her dipes to smell after sitting in 'em for 12 hours, I hear prefolds really cut down on that. I wouldn't need a whole lot because it would just be a nighttime thing.

ETA: If I have to snappi, then maybe I'll get some wool as a cover instead. But I would prefer to just trifold and lay in a cover.
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