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Re: BFing at a funeral

Thank you so much! For thanking me for being nice to my IL's during the funeral. I don't think I realized that I did something that others wouldn't have done.

My BIL is in iddiot. He is even worse but I don't want to get into that now. Anyway, the abuse thing is the worst! How can I even look at them the same way again thinking that they think I would ABUSE my son? I hate them for that statment! You don't say that to a Good Mama and expect to get good results. My husband knows me better than most and that I guess is all that counts. For goodness sakes... Am I not supposed to let him run and explore or am I supposed to be up his butt when he is trying to learn? I can forgive the fact that they hate the way that I feed Thompson but I can't seem to forgive that they would even THINK that I would abuse him. BTW: My BIL is the one that said it to me first. My son had very loose stools, I thought that he had an allergy and he said that I was feeding him this way to MAKE him sick! How In THE HECK COULD HE SAY THAT! My Husband doesn't stand up for me either (that is another post though).
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