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Re: DUHH, Feeling bad but good for me I guess

Thanks mamas!!!
I am excited, and glad to be sick, since there was question as to whether or not this was a new pregnancy or loft ober HCG from an old one.

I however do not believe in " as long as im sick all is good" Just experience for me.
I went into my 17 week appoint withmy son, complaning about how sick i was, and wondering when i would get some relief. That was the day we heard no heart beat.... I wsa sick for nearly 2 moreweeks after that. He had died, but my body didnt know it yet... Gee that makes me sound like a pessimist. but really I am just very cautiosly excited. After losing 11 babies, I know nothing is for sure...

Anyway, Good news. I puked after lunch today.. guess baby doesnt like Dazzos ( the best hotdog joint in Phoenix!!)
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