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Re: the great Diaperswappers "lovey" duplicator!

This is a great idea When I was pregnant with DS my SIL told me, "whatever ends up being the baby's lovey you must try to find at least one more." Her son had a duck that she never found a duplicate for and had to repair many times. DS ended up loving a little dog from Ty that my mom had gotten him ("Wiffer"). His first Christmas he got 2 more Wiffers. I rotated them out for a long time, and usually before trading I'd sleep with the one I was going to give to him so it would have my 'scent'. He's 4 now and has all three of them in his room. Sometimes he sleeps with all 3, but usually just one. They are all still in very good condition.

It appears my girls have each attached themselves to the blanket animals they received as gifts. They are both made by a company called Bunnies By The Bay. Here is Lydia's bunny:

and Madelyn's Froggy:

Lydia likes to rub the bunny fur while Madelyn prefers to hold onto the blanket part. I haven't found a store near us that sells them, but there is one where my parent's live so I think these will be on their Birthday or Christmas with lists this year.
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