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Re: Shots

I recommend waiting until you feel confident in your research and decisions.
It is a very important, individual decision, so make sure you feel right about what you choose.

FYI You don't really need to worry about mumps for your dd. The only major risk of mumps is for boys, (who can very rarely cause a swollen testie to become sterile, which is why they started giving the shot even though it does not give lifelong immunity, and mumps is more likely to do harm in older boys). Mumps is like an ear infection with some swollen glands that lasts a few days, and having it DOES give lifelong immunity. It was once considered a normal childhood disease. Most of the recent cases of mumps were with children that HAD been given the shot, so it doesn't seem to be giving immunity at all, and may very well be the cause of the outbreaks to begin with. Most importantly, you don't want any shots with mercury, since the levels have been increased and are clearly causing autism in healthy children.
I am not vaxing after learning the risks involved, but I made that decision confidently after lots and lots of research. I use homeopathy as a safe alternative. HTH!

Good luck, mama!
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