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Re: parents of autistic children

My 7 year old is on the spectrum and we are satisfied with how things are going right now. I more than suspect one of my twins is as well but it's an up hill battle getting a diagnosis. He was given a 20 minute ADOS test which he "didn't appear to be on the spectrum" and that's it. I think that test is a huge load of horse crap and designed to keep families from tapping into services or stalls their entry into services to minimize total cost (most services get cut off by the age of 6) They won't investigate it any further. It's been very frustrating. He's 3 and starts school next year and I know the first thing the school will say when he completes his 1st week is that he needs to be tested for ASD.

I've been keeping clip after clip of his "off" behaviors. I've been keeping a journal trying to keep track of his obvious regression. Here are 3 clips...

If anything I'd love a diagnosis, if it's Autism or something else I'd love to know what I'm dealing with so we could deal with this properly. As it is he's choosing these little routines over interaction more and more and I'm able to pull him out of it less and less. HE has more quirks than I care to list, all are magnified with age.
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