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Exclamation Slow service or lost packages?

I have been waiting for 3 different fluffy packages from 3 different people. One is some SEZ pockets from a mama here, one is NEW SEZ from Ruth at SEZ and one is my PW that I wont LAST Friday (the 14th) in her stock. Where are they? They all three should have been here last Wed or Thursday and they haven't come

I called my PO to ask what I can do because what is odd is that things that were mailed AFTER tham have come, but these 3 packages are MIA. I can't imagine all 3 of them are lost, but stranger things have happend The PO said they won't do any kind of tracking until 14 days since they were mailed have passed. Ugh. She said they estimate 3-5 days, but don't guarantee anything for less than 14 days, even with Priority! So what's the point in spending the extra money! Stupid PO!

Please reassure me they aren't lost! I'll be so sad and that's a lot of money gone!
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