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Re: Anyone have family really upset about having another baby??

There are always people who are trying to steal your happiness, you just need to ignore it!! I know it's easier said (or typed ) than done, but you have to in order to keep your happiness alive!! Who cares what they think, it's YOUR family and YOUR baby!! You are doing the right thing in paying back the money they loaned you, but jeeze, it's not like you have to have your ovaries submitted as collateral when you get a loan from anyone else?? Why would they get to chose what you can and cannot do now?? It's not like you're living on the streets and can't afford to even pay them back. They just need to HUSH UP!! I'm sure there are a few family members who wouldn't be so happy if we have #6, but I don't care!! We will love that baby just like our other 5 and if they have something to say about it than they can say it to someone else and live with the consequences.
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