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Re: Am I starting a slippery slope?

I was doind diaper laundry EVERY day when I was using cloth at night. It couldn't stand more than an hour. I tried wet pailing night time diapers, but that made me have two different pail systems because my dh refuses to change our current system (he doesn't want to buy another can) and it was too much work, too complicated and besides that I still had to wash every day. Hemp seemed to be the only thing that could hold my super soaker. Maybe I'll give it another try. Oh, the other reason maybe sposies will work better is that I was just given a whole bunch of jammies and they won't fit for long if I have to put a bulky diaper on under them. I'll look into the SEZ ones. I was using an infant prefold inside a snappied premium, maybe I'll give that another try.
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