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Re: Am I starting a slippery slope?

ok, keep in mind that I'm pretty new to cd and know not what I speak of (and I use a 'sposie at night) but it doenst bother me and it seems like it does you so.....

As a dog person, when I have a stink issue of any sort, I use Nature's Miracle. I buy it by the gallon (sometimes by the case) and use it on *everything* that has an organic smell. Pee, vomit, etc. When my car seatbelts smelled b/c I spilt milk while pumping, NM to the rescue. When m cousin's car seat smelled b/c her son had a pt accident, NM to the rescue.

Might not try it on an expensive diaper first, maybe start w/a pf but take it and saturate it and let dry or throw in the wash after soaking for a bit.
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