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Re: ok...please tell me...

Ya'll are too funny lol....

I looked on and the brand that I got was actually on there saying false pos on these tests are common...thats how I intrepreted it brand is New Choice and I bought like 4 of them from the local dollar tree. It is rectangular so I think it is the old ones and by it it says that two lines have been known to appear right away (like mine the pee went across the window both lines appeared right away and then the test one faded to nuthin) and that those are false pos...rare but go figure I bought that stinkin test I am taking it as a a BE MORE CAREFUL WOMAN kinda thing....he he he

Unless I dont get my period...which I THINK is late... I guess its a wait and see thingie but my gut insticnt is I am not pg and if I am not careful I will get pg its time to reconsider the no birth control deal-io

needless to say...I will def keep you all posted
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