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Re: phimosis

Originally Posted by Bot Girl View Post
Please no flames. I don't have a DS, and I don't know ANYTHING about cird/not circ so this is purely just a question.

I personally would seek the advice of another medical professional. I mean, if doctors are saying that something needs to be done, then a non-medical person says, "no, that dr. doesn't know what he's talking about."... Well, the non-medical person might be completely RIGHT, but I'd still want to run it by a medical professional, kwim?
I agree that she should seek medical advice if she thinks that something is wrong. But she should be aware that most doctors in america are not familiar with intact boys/men. They are basically just schooled to take them off. Also, a lot has changed in regard to how to care for them and a lot of old school doctors are not up to date in that information. If she wants to continue with this pedi, she should print out the AAP information for the care of intact boys because he obviously needs a refresher. Just the fact that she was told to retract him is an indicator of the lack of info the doctors have.

We grilled our pedi before even opening DS's diaper to make sure he was up to date on his foreskin info. Luckily he was or we wouldn't hesitate to find someone new.

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