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Re: phimosis

allright i'm FUMING now. at the hospital it was the pediatrician in charge that told me to retract it every day during his bath (so i wouldn't forget) and that's what i've been doing!!! OBVIOUSLY it hasn't worked at all since i'm not about to force it in such a way that would rip him you know? it's still as tight at day one. I just cannot BELIEVE this pediatrician! ugh! i'm gonna look through my discharge paperwork and see if his name is in there somewhere and call his office or something. he must be telling this to all his patients!!!

originally, we were gonna do a partial circ like ds1, but we had no money and insurance doesn't cover that. after that i just decided to leave the boy be. and not circ, never researched on the issue. even though DH fights me every time we discuss it. he even said to me the other day look what we've done to our son (by not circ with that phimosis diagnosis) bla bla bla. all for my ignorance you know? for not really reading up on my choice. GOSH i'm so angry. thank you girls, thank you so much for telling me this.
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