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Re: phimosis

ABSOLUTELY what everyone said above!!

My DS is always 'playing' with his little guy & can retract quite a bit at age 3. In the tub, he plays 'peek a boo' with the glans and now his little brother is now picking up on the game! LOL! ohhhh BOYS!!

He had a infection when he was 2. So red & swollen I was scared, but more scared to take him to a dr who would have suggested cutting it off. So I applied a lot of garlic oil on the infection & within 2 days it was gone. After we found a good ped. I asked him about it & he said most infections are caused by yeast if they're not caused by an unnecessary forced retraction. When my girlfriend babysat a couple hours, she freaked out because she thought he didn't have a pee hole!! LOL!

Glad you listened to your 'gut' that what the dr said wasn't right! Right now, America is about the only country that circ for no apparent reason and it is quickly declining.
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