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Re: dr appt today~9/17

Originally Posted by kugrinic View Post
I am so excited for you! I went to my Dr appointment yesterday as well, nothing changed, still 50% effaced and 1 finger tip dialted. However I have been having contrax all day today, so who knows LOL
Thanks mama, we will probably go in the same day..LOL
i think he is going to come early on me, we went and bought ds a new booster seat that is trimmer than his EB is today and got all 3 carseats in the car now. i told dh to pack a bag, i already have mine and the kids stuff packed and ready to go.

Originally Posted by JnSAlger View Post
my appointment is friday...doubt she will check me yet.

I swear I am counting the days to everyone elses babies because I kn ow I will be soon to follow. I always hit this part and wonder why I got pregnant (I really hate the end). I so want one of those perfect ending pregnancies but it will never happen.
you can ask them to check you, i asked last monday and was only a fingertip open to my surprise, although i am happy i wasn't more dialated, i was still in week 36. the only downer to the check was i started losing peices of my plug, but that only lasted 2 days about and now i'm fine again
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