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Re: Prenatal Vitamins

I take Today's Health (Raley's grocery store brand)--100/$8. I've also taken a generic brand of Stuart's Prenatal, which was half the price at the drug store (Rite Aid, I think.)
Whichever you go w/ make sure it doesn't constipate you or anything, since you'll most likely stay on it till you're done BFing (if you do that.)
My holistic ped suggested adding organic cod liver oil to the mix toward the end of my PG--the DHA helps baby's brain development and all kinds of mamas on another site swear it gives them more energy and has helped w/ their children's speech delays (?!?!) I just take it for the brain development part I use Nordic Naturals Arctic Oil--lemon flavored gelcaps. They make it for kids and teens, too...
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