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Re: I was thinking of a home birth

That's a tough one. Is there a birth center where you could compromise your birthing styles?

Also, though it's a bit messy, the homebirth midwives clean EVERYTHING up. I've never had any yucky sheets or floors. I keep white towels around that can be bleached and I leave the washer empty when I go into labor so that anything "dirty" can be thrown right in. It's seriously no grosser than a hospital birth. In fact, IMO it's a lot cleaner.

If he's not so into catching the baby, he doesn't need to. My dh doesn't usually touch the baby when it's so "fresh", but I half caught my last one and plan to catch the next one myself. It's an awesome Mommy moment. Dh is there for me, and he's getting more relaxed with each birth, but he does have some of the "ick" thoughts still. I just tell him to not look if he doesn't want to see it It's a messy ordeal no matter where you birth. I've had a clean birth and a gory looking one and yet both were still a little icky

Keep working on him
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