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Re: I was thinking of a home birth

My husband is freaked out, but we are doing it anyway. Meet with some midwives at your home with him there, it will really help!

Carl is freaked out by blood and "fluid" and the midwives promised part of their fee includes cleaning up just about everything, they even supply the tub so that you aren't left cleaning it up

I think that you as a mom need the birth YOU want. He will be next to you either way. Maybe tell him you can always buy "special sheets" and pads and things for the house, that way your 1000 thread count sheets aren't accidentally ruined.

Here is another thing to bring up (if it is true for you) Hey honey, I know you are opposed, but a home birth is under $2400 or around it. Our portion of a hospital birth is $7000 They have standard charges including IVs, Meds, etc. I had none of those and am expected to pay for them anyhow...... nice huh? I couldn't afford another hospital birth. No way, we already have to pay off our vehicle so we can get a mini-van....... 3 seats won't fit in my Subaru.... lol.

Here is how the conversation with my hubbie went (and he freaked but realized it is happening)"Either you deliver the baby yourself, or you let me hire someone else to do it here."

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The midwife considers the miracle of childbirth as normal, and leaves it alone unless there's trouble. The obstetrician normally sees childbirth as trouble. If he leaves it alone, it's a miracle.-Sheila Stubbs
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