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Re: I was thinking of a home birth

i had hospital births, had to have 2 c-sections for medical reasons, but i had a similar thing happen. my hubby did not want to see the c-section happen, he thought that it would be too gross. i told him that i wanted him to cut the cord and he shuttered. He was grossed out by it until it happened, he cut the cord

Originally Posted by nacke View Post
So i thought id break it easy to DH, since we have this option. I really wanted him to be involved, and skip the hosp scene...

So i kinda asked him how he'd feel about catching the baby, or being close by. To my dissapointment, he shuddered. And then said, Thats what the hospital and dr's are paid to do... I dont want to see her all messy!

This is my last one, unless we do another IVf procedure (and his first). It made me really sad, and dunno how to change his mind. Granted, i didnt want unassisted, i just wanted him to be there... Ya know?

I had just come to the decision to have her in my home, nice and comfy, with out darned ER personnel running around. (i hated our last hospital) He's grossed out that i could "ruin" the sheets or something. Im not sure.

How do you go about this?

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