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Originally Posted by Bot Girl View Post
Please no flames. I don't have a DS, and I don't know ANYTHING about cird/not circ so this is purely just a question.

I personally would seek the advice of another medical professional. I mean, if doctors are saying that something needs to be done, then a non-medical person says, "no, that dr. doesn't know what he's talking about."... Well, the non-medical person might be completely RIGHT, but I'd still want to run it by a medical professional, kwim?
yea, in most cases. but i can't tell you how many times i have read about drs retracting babies and children, causing open wounds and leading to infections. which the doctors then say 'need to circ'. they are only taught how to take foreskins off, not how the penis normally develops. at least not here in cut-happy america. i just had a urologist try and retract my son while i was holding his penis so he wouldn't retract him!!!

under no circumstances should someone other than the owner of the penis retract the foreskin of said penis. doing so could actually cause infections, adhesions, and in some instances actual phimosis as the child grows. the normal age for being retraction is birth to adulthood.
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