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Re: falling asleep w/o breast or bottle? HELP PLEASE

I have no problem giving her a bottle! It's definitely not that! The docs and everyone I talk to says I'm supposed to stop doing it. I just don't want to mess up. I am a first time mommy. I could try the water in a bottle, but she doesn't seem to like that. I have tried to do that once in awhile, but she doesn't take it. What age to they want to put themselves to bed? What age do kids stop sleeping in a crib? I got that nuby cup and am going to try that more after we move. Any thoughts on whether she needs to be putting herself to sleep? I am laying with her every time? Do ya'll think that is bad? She usually sleep through the night without a problem, but she can't fall asleep on her own. Is there an age that she will learn NATURALLY to do that? I like the idea of standing next to her crib and patting her and the routine and all, but my little one would SCREAM her head off if I tried it. I think we have just laid with her and been there to soothe her to sleep for too long that she really expects us to be there. Any other thoughts?
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