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Re: please don't hate me, help me... long.

to you mama.
We are TTC and I am facing the same thing (hoping we will have a girl so we won't have to have this conversation, dh is very pro-circumcision because he had a few friends in jr high who had to have it done at 12-13 yrs old and he remembers how emotionally hard/embarrassing it was for them. He feels VERY strongly about it, and I'm not sure if I would be able to convince him otherwise. I think he just thinks I am spending too much time with crunchy people, & getting a little too crunchy myself. LOL)
Anyway, sounds like your plan is the same as mine. Going to educate myself so if/when it does come up, I am ready. We also have 2 other sons who were circumsized (they are 12 now) and so I do wonder about having them be different, but, not to be crude, but how often are these 3 boys going to be sitting around comparing penises? Not all that often, I'm guessing.
That's my take.
Wishing you luck on your conversation with dh. I think your approach to this is perfect. Oh and CONGRATS on the baby boy!!! So cool! (I really want another boy )
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