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Re: please don't hate me, help me... long.

My dh sounds a lot like your dh...and our boy's circ experiences sound alike too...although it sounds like your's was worse. Ds's never got infected, but it did reattach and the loony ped wanted me to pull it down everyday. I saw him do it once and it bled and ds screamed his poor beautiful head off, and I left it. I later read on Dr. Sears' website that it will detach by itself. 10 months later, it did just that! We originally decided to circ because of cervical cancer, and because of the Bible. We have since learned...well I since dh apparently knew but I didn't, that cervical cancer is caused by an STD...of which we are going to do our best to prevent in our kids since we'll be lovingly teaching abstinence until marriage. And I just recently read that Biblical circumcision is only a TINY snip of the foreskin that hangs off the end of the penis, not the ripping like they do nowadays. And that was replaced by water baptism. Seems open and shut to me, but not to dh. He is open to discussion/thought now...but not right this minute, if that makes sense. He doesn't like talking about it because it causes him physical yeah, DUH! So we aren't completely on the same page, but we're getting closer. I have regretted circing ds since before we did it. Dh didn't like seeing the aftermath, but he didn't deal with it as much as I did either. It STILL makes me want to cry.
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