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Re: please don't hate me, help me... long.

just a lurker.. lol

I'm in kinda the same boat.. or will be someday soon.. but mine isn't Circing, (thank goodness DH is intact so it will NEVER be a issue) but I get fun dealing with DH and his Pro Vax Stance. UGH.

We've always butted heads, and he was in Iraq for miranda's first 6 months of life, so alot of the pressure to do so was skipped.

next time around.. he'll be home.. And I'm dreading the Fight that I know will happen. It makes me scared to EVEN ttc another to tell you the truth. I've told him that If he's refusing to Even look at anything, Books, websites, ETC then He doesn't have a say in what happens. 6 months ago we got in the arguement about Vaccinating miranda (yeah she's 3 now. lol) and I told him that the Topic was Banned in this house unless he Can actuall get Educated on the subject and not say things like " I got all of them and then some and I'm fine" or "Atleast lets get the chicken pox one, that one is the most Dangerous" UGH

And he knows now that unless you wants a fight he can't win, he doesn't bring it up. But, that won't stop him from hassling me at the hospital.. when everyone else is Hassling me. lol

If i wasn't a wussy about the pain, I'd be having a homebirth. lol

So see, my situation is kinda close. It's both something that we feel strongly about and something we are not listening to our husbands about. lol

I'd try telling him what I told mine. If he can't get educated about the topic, then the topic isn't up for Dicussion.

Good luck.
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