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Re: please don't hate me, help me... long.

mama, you are making the right choice and I hope your DH will submit to your superior judgement. It always seems to be the men who want their boys circed, doesn't it?

I was on the fence about circing right up until DS was born. AFter a lot of discussions with friends online, I decided to leave him intact. Surprisingly, DH never made a peep about it either way, and come to find out, he wasn't circed either. I always assumed he was because he doesn't have that trademark "snout" that most intact penises have, but he just has a short, natural foreskin.

Definitely do as much research as you can to show your DH. The complications from circing are MUCH worse and mroe frequent than complications from leaving the penis intact. In fact, in 99.9% of cases, if you leave the intact penis alone (i.e. NO RETRACTING THE FORESKIN or messing with it at all!), there WON'T be any complications, and if any do happen to arise, they can be corrected without circing.
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