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I'm ready give up my CDs. .

My ds has been in disposables for the past 3 weeks b/c I had knee surgery and washing cloth is NOT dh's idea of a good time. Not once has ds had a rash on his bum!!!

The CDs CAUSE rash. . I'm sure it has to do with how they're washed. I suspect I have hard water. The dipes stink no matter how often I wash them or what detergent I use: Tide, generic grocery store brand, Purex, Charlie's Soap (which works the best). . . .I don't see bubbles to indicate build up but I strip these diapers once a week in hot hot water. They also go thru 2-3 wash cycles EACH time they're washed with just a bit of soap in the first load. I'm so over this.

CDs are cute and soft but they cause diaper rash on ds and frankly, they're not worth the water and electricity bill, OR my time at this point.

ANyone have a miracle cure for me???????
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