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Exclamation FAST help please~ TB what happens if someone tests positive?

dh JUST told me my mil tested positive for tb, she was just tested for this and got her results and was told she is positive. she sint concerned at all because the dr she went to didn't seem to think it was a big deal. i have no idea who she went to but now i'm worried, i dont want her or my sil's to come around me, dh or the kids and most definately dont want them coning to the birthing center when i have nathan. i was told when you test pos you need chest xrays and pills to take for 6 months or something. am i overreacting?
we were supposed to leave the kids with them if i nd up in labor overnight, now i sdon't want them around us at all.

anyone have any true information for me, i am about to call the ob i see or the oncology dr and see what he thinks, i am really worried
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