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Re: Update far along are you NOW:)

I'm 31 weeks today! Due September 27th!

And I'm desperately seeking a new doctor- please pray for me!!!!! I want a VBAC and my doctor origionally said he would but now acts like I'm nuts! He used the words "Naturalist" and "Some women want a birth out of the 18th century" just because I didn't want pitocin or an epidural. I'm so crushed! I've been frantically calling hospitals, doctors, and midwives this past week. I met a Doctor yesturday and he is friends with my current doctor! AAHHHH! There are NO midwives in this area that will do a VBAC and there are only a couple more doctors for me to check out-but I've heard that they have strict conditons too! All I'm wanting is a fair TRY at this!!!!

I had a C-section due to fetal distress at 36 weeks. I've never been in labor, I'm 5ft 6in and I KNOW I can do this if I can find a doctor willing to!

OOpps! Sorry for ranting on your post!
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