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i want to be done now

With my first child I felt the miracle of it every single day and I wanted pregnancy to never end, discomfort or not.
With my second I was so preoccupied with my emotional struggles and I was in pain every day from the beginning so when the end of the pregnancy came i didn't really notice a whole lot of difference.
This time I was feeling good til he dropped on Friday - now I am so stinking miserable that I want him out NOW. I've never felt this way before and I suddenly have sympathy for the women before me whom I've never understood and I've counseled that "the baby will come when it's ready, try to see the positive". What bull I spouted. I DO see the positive, I have a healthy, growing, moving child, the pregnancy is progressing exactly as it should, I get to have my VBAC if things continue the way they are. But that doesn't erase the fact that I'm physically miserable and it's stretching me to my limits. It's stressing me to the point that I'm snapping at my kids.
38 weeks seems so far away even though it's less than a week for me - after that, I'll be thinking all the positive labor thoughts I can in the hopes he comes out already!
Please don't flame me or remind me how lucky I am. I know there are many women in the world, even in this forum who would give up a lot to be in my place. I appreciate that and don't mean to minimize the gift I do have - but it doesn't make me feel better in the here and now. I REALLY needed to vent a little.
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