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Re: I'm ready give up my CDs. .

I agree you need to do what works to keep your sanity I am actually a mostly CD but part sposie user. There are also some good sposie alternatives besides CDS and there are the gdiapers which are disposable.

As far as a miracle cure - since you are at the end of your rope you might try some bleach. I read about it on and posted about it here. But some people have found really good results with using small amounts of bleach once in awhile without negative effects on their dipes.

I used 2 cap fulls of bleach. I also found that less water causes (w/ my top loader) creates more agitation and gets the bubbles out better. I was surprised when I used the most amount of water possible and saw no bubbles but with a lower water level I got lots of bubbles.

Anyway using the bleach (so far just once) and a lower water level has made my wash routine a lot easier and my diapers smell better.

It was mentioned in the other post I read that there could be bacteria living in the diapers that is causing the rash and the bleach would kill the bacteria.

Also, I normally do several full washes, but by adding a small amount of bleach and doing just 1 extra full wash I feel confident that all the bleach was washed out as not to irritate my dd.

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