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In search of bean recipes Updated w/ another question

UPDATED Question: Anyone know how many dried beans it takes to make the equivalent to a can of beans? I have seen alot of great recipes that call for canned beans but I don't know how much I would need to cook to get the same amount. Thanks again.

Ok I get 2 lbs of beans a month from WIC and I don't just want to make Baked Beans or some variation on that theme. I can get beans (all kinds), split peas, and lentils. I am not sure, pretty much anything in the dried bean sections that isn't a mix and comes in a 1 lb bag. My Dd will eat red/pink colored beans better because that is what she is used to but I am willing to try any other type. I just don't know where to start and if you search all you find are a thousand recipes for Baked beans or BBq beans. Oh and I am not a big fan of black eyed peas, otherwise I am up for anything.

I would love a recipe for Refried beans, preferable low/no fat. And any other recipe you think of, especially kid friendly (AKA not to spicy)


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