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Re: What age did you start . . .

our pediatricians have always been really pushy about the solids issue. With my older dd I actually started giving her rice cereal at maybe 2 months? She had bad reflux and she would get a couple of spoonfulls fo the rice stuff before her bottle and it seemed to help keep her from barfing. It wasnt like a mealtime thing though it was more to keep her off of harsher drugs to control the reflux.

With dd#2 she is 5.5 months now and has been sortof eating solids. We tried at 4.5 months, mostly to shut the ped up, and she really hated it so I backed off for another couple weeks.
Her issue is though that she never really tolerated her formula well. She is adopted so not bfed. She cant ever really seem to drink a large amount at a time and its a mystery as to why. She is healthy and pretty chunky so its never really been too much of a concern. Well after a bottle she was still hungry, it was obvious, but just couldnt handle more formula so I have been a little more insistant with the solids than I otherwise would be. She has maybe one meal of solids a day and its usually a veggie like sweet potato or squash. It seems to help fill up her tummy but honestly she still isnt really into it and could easily do without it. So I am torn about giving it or not. I figure though how much better is formula really? I dont want her to go hungry either. So I dont know, I guess I am not much help here!
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