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Re: Any Semi-Crunchy moms?

Originally Posted by Sigrid View Post
I'm also probably semi-crunchy.
I wanted a natural birth, but had an emergeny c-section due to breech position entering birth canal. I wanted to BF, but ended up bottle feeding due to difficulty for my DS to latch and get enough in him -next time I hope! We are CD'ing, eat organic when we can afford it, vaccinating, CIO to a degree, bw'ing part-time, and co-slept for the first three months. We do enjoy eating out, but are looking for better options - and they are growing, yeh! I desperately want to move to the country and grow my own veggies, etc., but that is waiting on $$. Currently, i am SAHM, but may be returning to work PT - I haven't decided yet!
I was a SAHM for 7 months and had to go back to work for $$ reasons and I hate that I am not home with her, but I know that it will make things better for us overall, so that makes it feel better I guess. And we grow a lot of our own herbs and verggies and some fruits too (our strawberries and blackberries were soooooooo good this year!!) And i love that! It is sooo much better and you can grow so many different things on your own other than just buying what is at the grocery store.
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