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Re: Any Semi-Crunchy moms?

Originally Posted by lilyfish View Post
My signature has the word "semi-crunchy" in it!

My MAJOR loss of crunch points is that I no longer cloth diaper. I feel kind of like a hypocrite being a member of DiaperSwappers.. but I really just CAN'T anymore. The nearest laundromat in my latest apartment is forever away and I don't have transportation of my own, it won't save me money if I go to a laundromat, etc... so I use sposies.

I don't co-sleep... I did, but when Jed was 4.5 months old, neither he nor I could get a good night's sleep when co-sleeping. He'd wake up every 1/2 hour or every hour to nurse, and we'd both wake up tired & cranky. He won't even let me sleep in the same room!

I had a hospital birth and loved it -- I guess I am one of the only mamas in existence who had a charmed hospital experience. Staff was very nice, not super pushy about anything, I had a wonderfully easy labor, no episiotomy, wonderful LCs working 24/7, and frankly, I loved my epidural. I do feel that society does kind of make women feel like they CAN'T handle the pain of childbirth, and I know I *can*, and it makes me feel like a wimp that I don't want to --but I just don't want to! I almost feel ashamed to admit this, but I'd probably go for the epidural again, as much as I want a homebirth in the water... I LIKE the epidural!

I do breastfeed, baby-wear, and feed my child mostly organic food made by me (bbq tempeh w/sauteed mushrooms is a staple here!). I'd still be co-sleeping if I could. I have not had any vaccinations for my son since his 2-month appointment and probably will not have him vaccinated for anything for at least another year (he is 12 months old now), if ever. I did not circumcise my son and there is no way in h*ll I would EVER circumcise a child. I didn't feed Jed any solids until he was 7 mos old, and he didn't start really eating until he was 9 mos old. I can't let my son CIO even if I wanted to... hearing him cry just makes my heart pound and ache. I am all about gentle disciplining as well, though he's really too young for ANY discipline at this point... I even got my boyfriend to stop smacking his 18-month-old daughter's hands when she touched something off-limits, showing him research that indicated it could hinder her motor development.

i'm with you mom, I loved both my hospital hospital and the nursing staff is fantastic and they never argue with what you want (except one nurse with my DS my last few hours

I don't know what i am...I seem to be opposite in both

i am a Babywise mamma and proud of it....that resulted (IMO) both my DC never having to cry for anything as babies...wake, diaper, fed, play, sleep, wake, diaper, fed, play, sleep...and so they knew what was coming next.EDIT we did let them fuss themselves back to sleep at night when needed and we did not jump at every sound

We vax, but our family practice Dr. is great about not just giving out the new one's just b/c so he really helps there.

Circ. b/c that is what we believe the Bible tells us to do.

Cding to save money and you all make it look soo fun (just starting)

not co-sleeping (except we do co-sleeper in room as long as babies allow) b/c neither kids nor us slept well at all

want to try mamma pads (let me know what's good and where to get them ladies)

BFing b/c it's what my mom did, i enjoy it, always thought formula was for if you couldn't BF, saves money...DD EBF till 6months BF till 18months (only stopped b/c i was in hospital for week, hubby was out of town, and so called friend said it was time for her to ween anyway and wouldn't bring her in at breastfeeding times..grrrr)...DS EBF right now and 6months not sure how long will EBF still deciding on that

Made own babyfood b/c easier and cheaper...had jars for traveling.

not much if any organic here, every time i think about organic milk for DD and see price and look at bank account we don't try....heard about buying from local farms...might look into that

Buy cleaning and other household products from a wellness company (DD once shot the cleaner in her eyes and face and didn't even cry) It's cheaper for us and switching to the chemical free has cleared up DH's exzema problems

had in-home daycare to SAH with DD, currently don't work, but need the money so i'll be WAH for the eye Dr. i used to work for years ago

I want to homeschool, but we may switch to the school at our church, public when kids are older if they want for more selection on sports...

Can't think of anything else at the moment..this was fun...

EDIT..forgot these
can't babywear b/c of my back, but i hold them a lot

unmedicated births for both DC
Heather David
Christabel David Jr.

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