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Re: Any Semi-Crunchy moms?

I would probably be considered a "semi crunchy" mama too. I also CD, occasionally babywear, buy some organic, make my own baby food, pregnant and still BF'ing, had an unmedicated childbirth, obsessively recycle, use many "natural" products....

I think that we may do some things the AP way and others not so much so.We DID NOT co-sleep- it just did not work for us. DD would not sleep soundly when she was in bed with us and slept much better in a small bed that we had next to our bed. We also don't believe so much in dropping everything you are doing if baby cries. I am not saying that we let her scream her lungs out- but if she starts fussing and I am in the middle of doing something- I typically finish what I am doing and then go get her. Also, if she wakes in the middle of the night and fusses a bit, we try to let her fall back to sleep. I think that it's important that babies learn to self soothe sometimes.

What I think is important is to do what works for you and your family. If straight AP doesn't work for you then just take from it what does and tweek the rest to make it work! I think each family is individual and no parenting style is the "right" way.

Keep up the good work Mama!
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